In recent years, Linariá has managed to attain distinction through important prizes and stand out for its innovative ideas, facilities and organization. While other large and well-known Greek harbors have yet to be exploited in such a way, the distinctions of Linaria acquire an even greater significance considering the fact that it is a small harbor with very few inhabitants. Its development has made tourist visits much easier and enjoyable. It is a peaceful location of Skyros and is ideal for those seeking tranquility and relaxation.

In Linaria you can find: convenience stores, free parking, restaurants, bakeries, cafés-bars, gas stations and rental motorbikes.

Activities:  scuba diving, sailing or boating outings, cycling, hiking.

If you wish to come to the island without a means of transport, there are frequent bus routes connecting the port with the island’s main town and the rest of the island. You can also rent a motorbike or car.

Take a look at the harbor through the live camera

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